Mind Hacks #1

In the year 2020, when the whole world was in lockdown, we started Mind Hacks with our very first session titled as ‘Never Lockdown’. With these sessions our aim is to empower people to feel inspired and have a set of practically, applicable and philosophical ideas (hacks) that will help them build a mindset that never locks down and is always open to learning new ways to make their lives better. 

Session #1 – Never Lockdown Summary of Discussion

Dan Peña – the 50 billion dollar man, famously and commonly uses the following phrase in his interviews and public appearances, “Show me your friends and I will show you your future”. Taking this as a hypothesis, you yourself can run a very quick scientific inquiry by observing people around you as samples to test this statement. 

Run the experiment by noting down the names of five closest friends of the person you are studying. Now write down all the habits of these five friends that you are aware of and know are true. Compare these habits with the habits of the person you are studying. What you are likely to find is that any person you study this way turns out to be an average of their five closest friend with whom they spend most of their time.

Now the best takeaway from this experiment, when you are completely convinced with the results, is to apply it to your own life. Contemplate and inquire to find out the five people who you spend most of your time with. Then see the results they are getting. You are most like bound to get the average of these results in the near future (or you may be already getting it). So if you don’t like the results that they are getting. May be it is time to find a new group. A group where you will be challenged to change. A group where people are getting the results that you wish to get.

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